Best of 2001: Best Country-Western Line Dance Teacher For Timid Beginners

Shirley King, Foothill Adult Education Center
1550 Melody Lane,
El Cajon
and Coronado Adult Education Center
650 D Avenue, Coronado

By day, Shirley King serves as a waitress at the Hotel Del Coronado's Sheerwater restaurant. By night, she's out teaching clunkers to become dancers by putting them in lines. "The thing about line dancing is you don't have to have a partner. You just go, you get up, you learn patterns, and you dance to the music. I have people 82 years old in my class." Why do so many timid pupils say she's their favorite? "I'm a good teacher because I'm a student. I'll always be a student. I only started seven years ago. I remember what it was like." Of course, she can help you get serious. Train you to go to the "Worlds" here or in England or Australia. You'll need your boots, and your hat. But don't expect it to be all C&W. "The Electric Slide is America's number-one line-dance right now, and there's nothing country-western about Electric slide," Shirley says.

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