Best of 2001: Best Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Chicago on a Bun
Renaissance Towne Centre
8935 Towne Centre Drive,
University City

Everything -- from the poppy-seed buns to the Vienna sausages -- is imported from the Windy City. A decade ago, Jerry Carnow and his wife Frances came down from Illinois to move among us as Missionaries of the Chicago Way of Eatin.' The Vienna beef hot dog is his staple. And there's only one right way to prepare it: Cook the 'dog only when ordered. Your choice is regular, jumbo, or half-pound superdog. All are served juicy on a steamed poppy-seed bun. Now add Chicago-style fixin's: mustard, onion, relish, tomato, "sport peppers," celery salt, and dill pickle. Add kraut if requested. Plus, you can ask for chili in the secure knowledge it, too, is shipped in from Chicago. Should you hanker for Chicago-style sandwiches, know they all come with your choice of sweet peppers or grilled onions and giardinera -- hot peppers -- or sport peppers.

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