Best of 2001: Best And Biggest Breakfast Steaks

Dim Sum Kingdom
730 Broadway, Downtown

Most places, there are steaks, and then there are breakfast steaks. Your typical breakfast steak's so thin it's translucent. But not at Mr. and Mrs. Lee's. The Lees came to America from Canton in 1991. Four years ago they opened "Dim Sum Kingdom" on downtown's Broadway. The idea was to bring Dim Sum to The People. Problem was, The People didn't seem interested in Dim Sum. Broadway denizens wanted belly-fillers. So Mr. and Mrs. Lee gave them belly-fillers. Their All-American Breakfast (the usual mash of eggs, bacon or sausages, hash browns or home fries, toast, coffee and refill) costs around three bucks. But it's their steak breakfast that has made them famous. It covers two plates, the first loaded with over-easy eggs, large home fries, toast and butter; the second plate lost under a slab of meat. T-bone. Six-inches long, inch thick. Customers say it's typical. It'll cost you a Lincoln, but if time is money, watch out: you'll need half an hour to get through it.

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