Why aren't there mile markers in California?

Hey, Matt:

You suggested that people check their speedometers using highway mile markers. As a recent transplant from the Midwest, I am used to all of the interstates having mile markers. But here in California, I've noticed none. What gives?

-- David in Oceanside

Dave, you seem like a nice guy with good taste, so I'll give you a tip. The first thing transplants do when they get here is start comparing, oh, say, I-5 at rush hour to Haybale, Iowa, or wherever they're from. Us OGs, we'll smile politely once or twice, but if you make a habit of it, we get mean. You're here; have a beer; get over it. Anyway, California does have markers every mile along all interstates and state highways and on most rural routes. We just don't make a big deal about them. They're small and a little hard to read. On the right shoulder of the road, look for a short, flat metal post with a painted white area and black numbers on the upper half. It will have the route number, then the mileage; 8E-12 would be mile 12 on I-8 eastbound.

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