What's the deal with the house on the corner of Chateau and Verley in Clairemont?

Mr. Alice:

In beautiful Clairemont, behind the DMV on Chateau Drive, there's a strange-looking triangular building at the corner of Verley Court. It's encircled by a fence and has security screen doors at either end. What's the deal here? Office space for the elves? In-town crash pad for the Weir?

-- Michael and Matt in the 92123

Dear Matt:

...Clairemont...house...triangle shape...been there forever...no one's ever there...etc.

-- Kirsten and Richard, San Diego

At the unpromising corner of Chateau and Verley we found our funky A-frame. I'd like to say the place has seen better days, but I'm not sure it ever has. It looks like kids built it with stuff they found piled behind dad's garage. At least someone's painted over the most recent graffiti, and the police do a good job of booting out the transients.

In lieu of the property owner/builder, we'll have to go with neighborhood legend, more or less accurate, I'm told. The builder was also the owner of a travel agency about three decades ago. He got the idea that a convenient crash pad for stewardesses (very tiny stewardesses?) on layover at Lindbergh was just what the neighborhood needed. He built it; the neighbors complained; the city said, "No, no, it's zoned R-1"; the dream died. It's sat empty ever since.

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