What cartoon character used the phrase, "I hate those meeses to pieces?"

To my good fellow:

What cartoon character used the phrase "I hate those meeses to pieces"? It's driving me nuts! Also, where did the phrase "Waiting around till the last dog is hung" come from.... Thanks....

-- Steve (wish I had your job) Connor... Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Jinx, Steve. Jinx the Cat. The meeses are Pixie and Dixie. Feel better? They debuted on Hanna-Barbera's original Huckleberry Hound Show, with Huck and Yogi.

The last hanging dog isn't Huckleberry or any other canine. It's "dog" as in, "You dog! You goat-russlin', claim-jumpin', stage-robbin' varmint!" It's an American frontier expression from the days before Victrolas and automobiles, when people gathered to be entertained by necktie parties. The Matthew Alice Phrase Origin Squad agrees that the first printed reference is from a Western novel published in 1902. Even then it meant to loiter around at some event until the bitter end. Today it refers to the guy who won't leave a party as long as the lights are still on and there are still some chip crumbs to be fished out of the sofa cushions.

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