Rich and Getting Richer

La Jolla's Neal Blue, who with brother Linden owns General Atomics, the big defense contractor on Torrey Pines Mesa, is ruffling the bucolic atmosphere of scenic Telluride, Colorado. Blue's San Miguel Valley Corp., which owns about 900 acres of the valley floor just outside of town, is moving ahead with plans to build an 18-hole golf course, large hotel complex, a gondola ride, a shopping center, and several residential subdivisions in what is currently a mountain meadow filled with cows. Locals have differing opinions about the proposed development, according to the Denver Post. But San Miguel County Commissioner Vern Ebert told the paper that Blue's plan will have easy sledding. "The biggest argument now boils down to the golf course."... San Diego Superior Court judge Marguerite L. Wagner was a member of a three-judge panel that recently looked into the case of Placer County presiding judge W. Jackson Willoughby, accused of sexually harassing a female court clerk. The verdict: Willoughby was guilty of "prejudicial misconduct" but not the more serious "willful misconduct in office," when he grabbed the clerk's breasts. According to the Sacramento Bee, the panel concluded that "grabbing is not part of the judicial function, nor is caressing breasts."

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