Best of 2000: Best Strip Mall For Bachelors

Strip mall next to Chevy Chase Apartments
Intersection of Spring Street and Broadway, Spring Valley

Let's say you're a single male in the Chevy Chase, an unremarkable enough apartment complex, except for its location next to a strip mall apparently designed for the single young male. If you're feeling flush, start your day at IHOP: buttermilk pancakes $4.29 (short stack $3.29), plus $1.99 for bacon or pork sausage; $1.29 for a never-empty pot of coffee. Get your daily paper outside. If not, go next door and get stuff for breakfast (and other meals) at Sav-A-Lot Foods: $3.99 for a 34.5 oz. can of McDaniel's all-purpose coffee; $.79 for a box of Captain Choco cereal; $1.19 for 12-packs of beef or chicken ramen noodles; $1.79 for an 18 oz. bag of Snack King Cheese Puffs; $4.99 for a 56 oz. jar of Peter Pan peanut butter; $.99 for a 32 oz. jar of concord grape jelly; $3.99 for 20 premade burger patties. Next, a Laundromat, for when you start to notice your smell. Dinner Option #1: 99-cent Chinese: fried rice, lo mein, pepper steak, etc. Next door, a coffee shop: now serving espresso and cappuccino. Dinner Option #2: Chef Vito's Pizza: $9.50 for a medium cheese. Dinner Option #3: Mi Burrito: $2.64 for a carne asada burrito. Watering Hole: Manny's Cocktails and Pool: Sunday Special on Bloody Marys: $1.50 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; $3.50 for a shot of Wild Turkey bourbon. Get the occasional haircut at the Hair Mechanics: $9 for a standard men's haircut. If you're drinking at home: Viking Liquor: $7.39 for a fifth of Popov Vodka. And Wendy's, way back at the other end by IHOP, is open late with its 99-cent menu.

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