Best of 2000: Best Way To Have "I Love You" Towed Across The Sky

Banner Joe's Aerial Advertising
Gillespie Field, El Cajon
(619) 222-4576

You actually want your feelings flying through the sky? Oh sure, there's something thrilling about trumpeting your love on a sign behind a World War II­era Stearman biplane. But you'd better be sure. "At 1000 feet up, your message can be seen for 1G miles on the ground," says Joe, who prefers his last name not be used. He says 800,000 to 1 million people will see your sentiments if he tows them up and down the beaches on a summer weekend. Or you could buzz the audience at Qualcomm, as Joe did a year ago, with the message "LUCKY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Fifty-four thousand fans looked up and went "Aaahhh." 'Course, that turned out to be Albertsons saying they'd bought out Lucky's supermarkets. But Joe is most proud of the message he towed up to the Cuyamacas. "JIMMY: STAY PUT. HUG A TREE." A mom enlisted him to help find her lost kid. Jimmy saw it. Hugged a tree, and was found. In one way it's very low-tech. Joe sets the banner up on stakes at Gillespie, then flies through at 10 feet trailing a hook and whoosh! Your sign's on its way, for between $200 and $300. Or you could get Joe to sky-write. But that's $1200.

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