Best of 2000: Best Supermarket-Takeout

Jonathan's Gourmet Supermarket
7611 Fay Avenue, La Jolla
(858) 459-2677

Some people have stopped cooking since Jonathan's Supermarket opened its take-out gourmet hot-and-cold food counter. Weather often determines what's cooked and prepared on a given day -- light dishes for a warm day, robust ones for cold. Five different kinds of chicken breasts are offered, as well as freshly baked salmon and free-range turkey breasts. King crab salad is always available, as are cooked vegetables in season, pasta, potato salads, and two freshly cooked soups. You may eat your food at tables outside or at a soon-to-be-completed café indoors. The best feature about Jonathan's takeout is they'll prepare any food you request within 24 to 48 hours. Beef Wellington (roast beef in a crust) and complete turkey dinners are in constant demand. Catering services available.

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