Best of 2000: Best South Bay Chinese Restaurant

China China
386 East H Street, Chula Vista
(619) 585-1111

Only in San Diego County would a Chinese restaurant's signature dish be served Mexican-style. China China, in the Terra Nova Plaza, looks like just another shopping-mall restaurant from the outside, but the ambience inside is peaceful and serene. They have a long menu with several unique specials, but the one you shouldn't miss is the Mandarin Basket ($12.95), which consists of shrimp, chicken, and beef stir-fried with vegetables in a garlic gravy and served in an edible tortilla basket. The meats are chunky and plentiful, and they're generous with the garlic. Make sure to eat the basket -- it soaks up all the best gravy! The dinner includes their homemade fried rice, egg rolls, and a wonton soup made with a rich chicken broth.

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