Best of 2000: Best Place To See Actors As People

Old Globe Theatre
Balboa Park
(619) 231-1941

The play's the thing, all right; but you want more. Intermission's discussion leads to postplay plot analysis, and it's still not enough. If you haven't the stomach to groupie by the stage door, consider the Globe's Forums, where patrons can stay in their seats after the curtain closes for a Q&A with actors and directors. Education director Diane Sinor, who often moderates the forums, touts the informal discussions for diffusing theatergoers' emotions. The forums, held since 1987, are scheduled at least three times during a show's run and usually last about 20 minutes. Globe members' "Insights Seminars," scheduled the first Monday of a run, feature representatives from the acting, design, and technical departments and include a champagne reception for subscribers and members (they also last almost as long as the play itself). Regular forums are open to the public; Insights Seminars are free to members, $5 for nonmembers.

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