Best of 2000: Best Place To Rescue Torn Clothing

La Jolla Weaver
7531 Girard Avenue, La Jolla
(858) 454-4847

The sight of owner An Phan's serene face will bring peace to your soul. Listen as she describes her methods: "For some material, I just take out every broken thread and replace it by sewing new thread 10 or 12 lines in on each side, so it will be connected to a thread that is not broken. This is called a French weave. If the hole is big, I have to cut material from inside the garment and weave it in on top. This is called a semi-weave. Prices are based on type of material and the size and number of holes. For a solid-colored sweater with one hole, the minimum is $12. A solid-colored jacket or sports coat carries a $24 minimum and goes up the scale depending on the weave."

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