Best of 2000: Best Place To Fall Off The Weight Watchers Wagon

Del Mar Fair

Tired of calculating points? Tired of counting out 41 nonfat pretzel sticks for an afternoon snack? Tired of measuring every pitiful bite of food in the hopes of losing half a pound? Ready to tuck into some real food? Soul food? Food that drips with fat and calories and flavor? Go to the fair. The Del Mar Fair. Walk through the O'Brien Gate and enter a bulimic's paradise. Even the vegetables are deep-fat fried. Start with some Australian batter-fried potatoes swimming in ranch dressing. Work your way through a mountainous ice cream sundae. Inhale a cinnamon roll dripping with cream cheese frosting. Don't ask the burly guy pumping out corn dogs how many points are in the Polish sausages. "You want points?" he'll say. "I got your points right here."

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