Best of 2000: Best Place To Convert Your Car To Electricity

California Electric Automobile Company
1055 G Street, Downtown
(619) 232-0595

"After we're done, you can zip by the gas station and laugh. You'll never be dependent on them again." Of course, he's not alone in his crusade. This year already, the Big Boys are selling pure electric and hybrid gasoline-electric cars such as Toyota's RAV4 EV "Socket Rocket," (EV = Electric Vehicle -- 126 miles per charge, 6­8 hour recharge, around $42,000), the hybrid Prius (around $20,500), and Honda has its hybrid "Insight" ($19,350). But Lucas says the difference between them and his conversions is simplicity. "Our electric cars are much simpler than the ones the big boys put out." If you want to go the whole hog and convert your car to electric drive, and if it has a standard transmission and front-wheel drive, he can get it off the gasoline habit for $18,000. The conversion takes four to five weeks.

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