Best of 2000: Best Example Of How Far We Haven't Come With Mexico

    Border Field State Park
    West end of Monument Road
    (619) 575-3613

    August 18, 1971, first lady Pat Nixon came to Border Field State Park and its low bluff overlooking the ocean, declaring it an international "Friendship Park." Wrote the San Diego Union, "372 acres were dedicated, and the fence between the two countries was cut for a while in a spontaneous gesture of friendship."

    Thanks to Richard and Pat, the two neighboring peoples finally had a mixing place next to Mexico's last lighthouse and most northerly bullring. Hot dogs and tacos. Rock 'n' roll and mariachi music. Even five years ago, you could walk the beach into either country, and there were enough holes in the single fence for musicians and taco vendors to crawl through. Sundays were big bi-national family picnic days. No longer. The iron wall now runs through it and on out to sea; even Mexican crabs can't mix with American crabs. Nice try, Pat!

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