Why are runners running in the car lanes, and why are they running against traffic?

Dear Matt:

With no disrespect to runners -- why the hell do I see so many of them now not only running in my car lane, but also against traffic? Is it legal or just a new trend?

-- Road Rage, San Diego

Because so many of life's little questions have more than one possible answer, the elves collected a few suitable inquiries and will let you pick (A) the one that's factually correct or (2) the one you like best. So often, reality has a sort of vague dullness to it. And since fun is our middle name (Matthew F. Alice), we'll give you a choice. Or make up your own. Some questions are just asking for it.

So, Mr./Ms. Rage, pick one: (A) By law [V.C. 21956], pedestrians have to walk/otherwise perambulate on the side of the road to their left, though they do have to give right-of-way to oncoming vehicles [V.C. 21954(a)], but drivers can't hit them if they don't [V.C. 21954(b)]; or (B) The 15 seconds you lose by slowing for pedestrians is a revenge plot against you, personally, organized by a local track club; or (C) It's not "your" lane, it's "our" lane, and courtesy is the opposite or road rage.

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