Bishop's alumni restrict their website

Andrew Cunanan influence remains

— The bloody cross-country odyssey of Andrew Cunanan is causing turmoil at a World Wide Web site set up by some young alumni of La Jolla's tony Bishop's prep school, the accused slayer's alma mater. Reporters have been using the site to post messages for Bishop's alumni who might have known the suspected killer of Gianni Versace and four others. But that's a no-no, according to an e-mail from web master Donnie Gonzales. "Our site takes a large hit every time Cunanan makes his way back into the news. Although we are not run by the Bishop's School, in order for us to use their name and get their cooperation we can't be destructive to their image. Therefore we implemented a policy that only posts by people recognized to be alumni would be allowed to stay (these ones have some loyalty/responsibility to the school and a legitimate right to gripe if they so desire), the other Cunanan posts along with yours were thus deleted." Gonzales adds that most of the Web page users are too young to remember their infamous fellow alumnus anyway. "Cunanan went through the Bishop's School before I arrived, and so far we have not been able to lure many members of the pre-'90 classes to take an active role in the Web site, so I can't help you here." Typical message, as recently posted on the site by one alumnus: "Hello, former classmates! Reading over the previous posts reminds me of a funny story I heard a while back. Unfortunately, I can't share it with you since it contains the word 'weenie,' which may be inappropriate here."

Bob and Tony

Pete Wilson staffer Bob White, who finally stepped down after almost 30 years as Wilson's trusted aide-de-camp, has gone into business as a "public affairs" consultant with Sacramento lawyer and lobbyist John Flanigan, a close friend and fellow SDSU alum who once had denied that White would work for him. White, who quit his state job earlier this year, has another nine months or so to go before state law permits him to begin officially lobbying, so in the meanwhile, he'll just offer "strategic planning and public affairs services for corporate clients," according to the Sacramento Bee ... Will local Superior Court Judge Anthony Josephs pick up an opponent when he runs next year for reelection? There's speculation that if the Chargers tax-financed seat guarantee goes sour at city hall, the blame will come to rest on Josephs, who upheld the deal over a challenge by Bruce Henderson.

Cops and Robbers

Padres owner and stadium lobbyist John Moores,who gave a big slug of cash to Susan Golding's mayoral campaign and is also listed among supporters of her bid for U.S. Senate, is also funneling major money to Houston mayoral wanna-be Lee P. Brown, the town's exPpolice chief. According to the Houston Chronicle, Moores, who has been trying to get an NFL franchise for the city, kicked in the maximum $5000 to Democrat Brown's campaign kitty. Brown's running against Rob Mosbacher, an energy businessman and Republican activist who has the support of big Republican guns like George Bush, Gerald Ford, and Henry Kissinger ... Embattled Riverside Police Chief Ken Fortier, an exPassistant San Diego chief, has abruptly quit. In 1992, Fortier had been in the running to replace Bob Burgreen as San Diego chief, but then took a lucrative early retirement and applied for the job in Riverside. Under fire from rank-and-file officers there for everything from inconsistencies in discipline to secretly filing a stress disability claim, Fortier told the Riverside Press-Enterprise he was leaving due to "stress-related medical problems."

Topic of Cancer

A controversial Tijuana oncologist is making waves in Toronto, where he put in an appearance at the World Conference on Breast Cancer to tout his shark cartilage and vitamin C cancer diet. Dr. Francisco Contreras insists his therapy, which costs $8000 the first year and $5000 each year thereafter, kept 39 percent of the 300 women he studied alive through five years, although they were not tumor-free. He complained that no medical journal would publish the results. Dr. Eric Holowaty, an epidemiologist with Cancer Care Ontario in Toronto, claimed the study hadn't been scientifically conducted.

Contributor: Matt Potter

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