The making of Twinkies

Snack as brain softener

Dear Matt: I just love that dangerously delicious snack food the Hostess Twinkie!! Those beautiful little gold bars of yellow sponge cake and that cloudlike white filling can make me dance with joy! During a recent food fantasy with a friend, he mentioned that Twinkies aren't actually baked at all. That the sponge cake is actually a foam that is set into a mold and dried. Could this be true? If it is...I'm still going to enjoy them just as much!!! HAIL TO THEE, THY TWINKIE! — GuyIGuy, Kensington

All those exclamation marks! The delirium! The dancing! The sugar rush! The Twihkie Defense! Must also soften your brain and make you susceptible to Urban Legends! Hear ye! Hear ye! Be it known throughout the land! The Twinkie is baked! Really! I wouldn’t kid you! Hard to believe, but true! The Twinkie is baked! Filling shot in through a tube! Hail to thee, GuyIGuy!

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