The shiver men feel before going to the bathroom

All those nerve endings

Matthew: What is the cause of a physical phenomenon in men that I finally confirmed happens to other men besides myself? For lack of the proper term, I’ll call it “piss shivers.” It's when you're taking a leak, and all of a sudden you get a quick chill up your spine, and your body does a little shake or shiver, almost like you're scared or really cold. What’s the deal? — Just Curious, San Diego

Ahem: Why is it that when I grab my newspaper and head for the head to enjoy a quiet dump, I sometimes get this shiver up my spine? Is it the sheer anticipation of the event, or is there something more to it? — Just a Guy, Escondido

Maybe you just need to get out more, Guy. Anyway, Guy and Curious are experiencing basically the same thing, if my medical speculators are up to their usual standards. Everyone’s favorite anatomical area, the urogenital region, is crammed full of nerve endings, a lot of which respond to pressure — making sex a whole lot more fun, for one thing. Likely, it’s the pressure stimulation of full bladder/bowel, movement of the contents, or some related muscle contraction that zaps that little frisson through you: Or maybe you just have way too much fun in the bathroom.

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