How to go south on 805 from Sorrento Valley

I-5 north from Carmel Valley Road

Hi, Matthew: Why do drivers exit the 5 freeway going north at Carmel Valley Road just to get back on the freeway going south? I see this every day and cannot figure out what’s up. Please give me a clue. I can’t go on without an answer. — Rob O’Callaghan, [email protected]

You’re as good as on the road again, Rob. After lengthy consultation with the local Highway Patrol office (as much in the dark as you about the phenomenon), a committee of great minds has concluded that these are folks driving east out of the west end of the Sorrento Valley, Sorrento Road, maybe, who would like to go south on 805 but can’t get there from where they are without crawling along on surface streets or by going north on 5 for a couple of miles to the next exit (Carmel Valley Road), heading south again on 5, then merging onto 805. The CHP say they have problems getting between the two freeways to handle emergencies at the split because of the on-ramp situation. If some other phenomenon explains the switcheroo, we’ll undoubtedly hear about it from various vociferous Alicelanders. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit tight here in Alice Acres and contemplate the joys of telecommuting.

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