Federal wiretap logs of Richard Silberman, Carlos Bustamante, Jerry Brown

Verbatim transcripts


Jerry Zanelli calling for R.S.


Jerry to Dick

Kathy Reese is close friends with Maureen O'Connor. She represents City of San Diego. It would not be a motivator for Susan — discuss the reputation of Kathy Reese. Has connections and commercial clients that deliver contributions. She did something for Knock on the Hospice Bill — Jerry got that front Heddy (ph)


Jerry Zanelli calling Mr. Silberman. Discussed an unknown female, her political clout, her large salary. Susan's confirmed appointments were discussed. Mr. Silberman wants his help in getting an apt. with Willie.


Jerry Zanelli calls back...regarding having straightened the matter at hand out.


Jim Foley for R.S.

Spoke about job loss, stock options due this man. The gist is that he wants to talk about Henry Zoreski, and a deal with the county for a prepaid system of some type. They discuss the general process of the contract that the county is giving out. He also discusses possible jobs for this man.



R.S. calling Bob Miller then listed as Golding's campaign treasurer. Discuss letter about funds left in SG's account paying for the difference. R.S. asks B.M. to get the balance in the acct.



Call from Christ Miller/male. He speaks to unknown female secretary from Miller-Rouse and Company [an accounting firm then serving as Goldings campaign treasurer] regarding Susan's campaign.


DS says against my better judgment I talked to him [Bustamante] he's out making letters of intent with Mexico, Bustamante own most of the vacant land along the border. Roberto de la Madrid is the current runner for Bustamante. DS Japanese friends are running out on him.



Kene Wolcott for RS. KW tells RS to call Dwayne Townsend, who has put together a fund. RS is to be invited in as a part of the management team.

RS doesn't care for Townsend, who is a mental masturbator, according to RS. KS says we can make money on this guy. KW mentions the Bustamantes.

KW says there is a deal that is going to close in March. RS says he is entitled to make some money. KW says RS is entitled to 1/3rd. RS will call him.


RS to Dwayne Townsend. Waiting to hear about Thai and Asia ... Bustamante did plant in Korea — have ownership of good land, complete operation.


DS wants her (Nadine) to give him an Susan a massage tomorrow afternoon.



RS says the talked to Bustamante this weekend. Bustamante told RS about his deals and in two weeks "Inamouri" (a wealthy ceramics tycoon) is coming to town. Inamouri is pushing the idea of a twin plant so he can bring his buddies in.




...Zanelli [on the] line for you — ringing — RS and Zanelli ... David Jansen called me. Jansen wants to hire you. Susan coming up this weekend. If she...



DS calling Julie regarding reception plans. They discuss inviting some prominent Japanese businessmen from Sony-Panasonic.


Marks Memura calls for DS. Confirmed Friday, 24th, 3:30 p.m., County Supervisors Building. Holding a reception for city and state officials for TJ business, etc. Memora feels honored of recognition. DS needs resources of Inamuri.


Call in Spanish. MB Bustamante. Oh — very good. I turn over the factory on the last day of the month.... It's about 400,000 plus the contract.


Bustamante for Dick. Dick is busy — wants to give his number in Reno.


UM to Kathy re Keogh meeting in Mexico that DS and SG will attend.


Dick to Kathy. Susan may call about the check, tell her we waited for a letter of approval.


Larry Stirling calls for Dick Silberman re Downtown Courthouse and jail.


UF asks about disposal of stock for Susan's children


Bustamante for Dick, just wants to know how things are going.


Jerry Brown asking for Dick — not in. The governor trying to reach him.


Dick calls Carlos Bustamante. Dick will call back tomorrow.

Mr. Bustamante for Dick. Will call back.


Gov. Brown for Dick. Gov's sect. makes call.


UF to Kathy about RS and Susan at Linda Ronstadt concert.


Carlos asks for Dick....

[Carlos] [will] discuss Roberto, Carlos' friend is going to by mayor ... talk about railroad tracks in Tijuana....


Mr. Bustamante for Dick


Mary calling about an affair on Saturday for Jerry Brown. Talks to Cathy.


Carlos Bustamante for Dick


Carlos Bustamante for Dick. In lobby waiting for Dick. Carlos is coming up to office for meeting with Dick. His price $35 sq meter. Have Carlos put it down. Don't mention Honeywell 40 meter proposal "Miquel Velarco"


Carlos to Kathy. Asks about DIck — give my condolences to Susan.

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