What will happen to Coronado's ferry landing?

Haugh Enterprises, Cascade Pool Co. will sell to someone

Walk down to the end of Orange Avenue in Coronado and you can almost imagine the ferries still running. The lot where they used to tie up still stands empty and undeveloped. The spot offers one of the best views in San Diego, but some changes are in the wind.

Owner of 7.4 acres pf property is Haugh Enterprises, a family-run company which formerly was the biggest transit system operator in the West. The Haughs ran San Diego’s transit system (until the city government acquired it in 1967), and they also operated a large portion of the Los Angeles system and key systems in several western states. They gave up their last operating company in 1969, however, when construction of the Coronado Bay bridge forced the end of the ferry, and now the family hopes to develop the Coronado property.

Also scheduled for change is the acre of land adjacent to the Haugh property, which is being offered for sale by the Cascade Pool Company at the reported asking price of $560,000. However, even if the pool company finds a buyer, development of the bayside land will be tightly controlled. The city has zoned the entire area at the end of Orange Avenue for “residential planned community development,” which vastly complicates any development plans. Among rules governing the property is the requirement that a view corridor be maintained.

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