1976 San Diego guide to surfer slang

Dawn patrol, hot lips, kook, outside, eat it, turtle

Backyard Special. A poorly constructed, homemade surfboard.

Bail. Leap from a surfboard when confronted with danger.

Body Flyaway. Jumping clear of one’s surfboard to avoid body, board contact.

Bowl Section. That part of a wave resembling the contours of a salad bowl.

B.S.B. A black surfer, laterally. Black Surfing Brother. Used cordially.

Crew. Individuals who restrict their surfing to one locale.

Cruiser. A very wide surfboard. Also, an inept surfer.

Dawn Patrol. Exceedingly dedicated surfers who arise very early in an effort to avoid crowds.

Dwid Dangler. A leash attached at one end of the surfboard and fastened to the ankle. Prevents board from washing ashore in the event of a fall.

Eat it. To be unceremoniously dumped from one's surfboard by a wave.

Elephant Gun. A specially designed surfboard. long and narrow, used in big surf.

Feathering. The breaking action of a wave w hen buffeted by off-shore winds.

Fish. A short surfboard with split tail and twin fins.

Freight Train. A last-moving wave.

Glassy. Smooth. Used to describe wave conditions.

Gnarly. A term applied to especially rough surf. May also be used to describe an individual wave of particular ferocity.

Hot Dog. To surf in a flamboyant, styled manner. Also, one who adopts such a form.

Hot Lips. Waves which break in a manner conducive to good surfing.

Inside. An area of breaking waves close to shore.

Kook. An individual who does not surf well.

Laid Out. The act of performing a sharp, tight turn on a surfboard.

Liplock. An undesirable condition in which one is caught at the top of a wave as it is breaking.

Log. A very long and heavy surfboard.

Lunch. A very bad fall in which one is devoured by the wave.

Mushburgers. Small waves devoid of sufficient form or power.

Noseride. A surfing position in which one's toes dangle from the tip of the board.

Outside. An area of breaking w aves far from shore.

Pitched Out. To be thrown headlong from one's surfboard down the lace of a wave.

Pocket Rocket. A fast, highly maneuverable surfboard.

Quasi. An individual who feigns surfing expertise.

Quasimoto. A squatting position employed when riding through a wave's curl.

Quizmo. A derogatory term applied to unpopular individuals.

Rhino Chaser. Same as Elephant Gun.

Ricochet. A turn made at the top of a wave.

Ripping. Surfing exceptionally well.

Rock Dance. The act of carefully walking over rocks in shallow water.

Roundhouse Cutback. An extreme change of direction while riding a wave.

Set. A series of waves.

Sponge. A wave which has little power. Similar to Mushburger.

Stick. A surfboard.

Stoked. A feeling of exhilaration, euphoria.

Styled Out. A term used to describe individuals who compensate for their lack of skill by assuming exaggerated mannerisms.

Suck Out. A very steep wave face.

Thick lip. The upper portion of a breaking wave.

Three-Sixty. An extremely difficult maneuver in which a surfer, using his feet, swings his board in a full circle while proceeding across the face of a wave.

Through the Lip. Forging ahead through the breaking part of the wave.

Tube. The curling section of a wave. Under certain conditions, this may form a kind of watery tunnel.

Turtle. To roll upside dow n, board on top. in order to pass through the white water of a broken wave.

Unlocal. A person who does not surf in the area of his residence. Generally used with malice.

Vibe Level. A sense of camaraderie resulting from mingling with other surfers.

Wired. Mastery of a particular surfing location. '

Zig Zag. A wave-riding technique in which one crosses back and forth across a wave.

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