1976 San Diego guide to sailing

Mission Bay, Navy Sailing Club, Southwestern, Silvergate, Seaforth, Coronado and San Diego yacht clubs

The local sailboat business is a study in extremes. Lessons for beginning skippers vary from $15 for 21 hours of instruction at the City’s Park and Recreation Department to $90 for six hours at Jack Dorsee's Sarr Diego Sailing Club. Old hands can learn new tricks b taking 21 hours of advanced tutorage from Parks and Rec. for $18 or can shell out $12 per hour for “tailored-to-fit" personal instruction from the pros at Harbor Island Sailing Academy. Specialty groups, in this case UCSD and SDSU students and active military personnel and dependents, can go very cheaply at clubs formed especially for them the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and the Navy Sailing Club, respectively.

Rentals vary from a day with a primitive rowboat furnished by the Dana Marina for $5.50 to a $1,200 one-week cruise aboard a 50-foot Kettenburg supplied by Set Sail of Shelter Island. And there are 100 sizes and prices in between.

The venerable bastion of social elitism, the sailing club, is alive and healthy in San Diego. Five clubs are waiting to pick your pocket for an average $750 initiation fee and $300 in yearly dues. Money isn't the sole qualification, though; you will have to round lip two members of your prospective club to vouch for your integrity. The Harbor Island Sailing Academy is a little less pretentious and quite a bit more reasonable. “Our members do come here to sail, unlike most other clubs.” testified the receptionist there. For $175. you get free instruction at all levels, use of club facilities (pool, showers, sauna), and a 30-40% discount on all boat rentals. .

  • City Parks and Recreation, Aquatic Division, 1012 Santa Clara Place. 488-9895.
  • Restrictions: first come, first served. Lessons: seven week course of three hours per week, for both beginning and advanced. Classes are year-round; fall session starts October 14. Costs; Adults, $15; Juniors (12-17). $10; College Students, $12. Classes are extremely crowded, many applicants arrive the night before sign-up to reserve a spot.
  • Boat Rentals: none.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center, 1008-10 Santa Clara Place. 488-3642. Restrictions: all local college students qualify. UCSD and SDSU at half the normal rate.
  • Lessons: four-week courses, meeting twice weekly for three hours, both beginning and advanced. Basic course is $12 for UCSD and SDSU students, $27 for all other local colleges. Advanced course is $15 for UCSD and SDSU. $27 for others. Boat Rentals: the Center rents 24 sabots, 18 lasers, and 6 omegas. Reservations are required on weekends from 12-5 p.m.; a first-come, first served basis during the week. Fee is $ 10 for 5 sailing sessions of 2 1/2-3 hours.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Navy Sailing Club, Halfway between Coronado and Imperial Beach on Strand Way. 435-8788.
  • Restrictions: active military personnel or dependents.
  • Lessons: club dues of $5 per person or $10 per family include unlimited free lessons.
  • Boat Rentals: with payment of Marina sailing fees of $25 per person or $50 per family, rental on boats under 16 feet is free. Yawls rent for $2.50-$3 per hour. Cat 22's for $2-$2.50, and Cat 27s for $2.50-$3. Slip Rentals: none.
  • Harbor Island Sailing Academy,
  • 2040 Harbor Island Drive. 291-9568.
  • Restrictions: total fees of $175 for
  • membership; $100 for full-time students.
  • Lessons: costs range from $105 for beginning private lessons to $240 for a group of four. Eight hours of instruction is spread out over four two-hour sesions. Intermediate, advanced, and “tailored-to-fit" instruction is also available.
  • Boat Rentals: rentals range from a Capri 14 for $7 an hour. $21 a halfday. or $36 a day to an Erickson 41 for $100 a half-day, $175 a day or $850 a week. Club members receive 30-40 percent discount.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Southwestern Yacht Club, 2702 Qualtrough, Shelter Island. 222-0438.
  • Restrictions: sponsored by club member or interview. $750 initiation fee, yearly dues of $360.
  • Lessons: free basic lessons for members.
  • Boat Rentals: none.
  • Slip Rentals: $.65-$.85 per foot/per month.
  • Silver Gate Yacht Club, 2091 Shelter Island Drive. 222-1214. Restrictions: sponsorship of two club members. $750 initiation fee, monthly dues of $25.
  • Lessons: none.
  • Boat Rentals: none.
  • Slip Rentals: members or reciprocal agreement only.
  • Coronado Yacht Club, 1631 Strand Way. Coronado. 435-1848. Restrictions: sponsorship of two club members. $650 initiation fee, yearly dues of $180. Discount junior memberships available.
  • Lessons: a six-week program for members is offered during the sum mer.
  • Boat Rentals: none
  • Slip Rentals: members or reciprocal agreement only.
  • Mission Bay Yacht Club, 1215 El Carmel Place. Mission Beach. 488-0501.
  • Restrictions: sponsorship of two club members. $850 initiation fee. quarterly dues of $51.
  • Lessons: members receive free summer sailing lessons.
  • Boat Rentals: none.
  • Slip Rentals: members only. $2 per foot per quarter; reciprocal arrangements honored.
  • San Diego Yacht Club, 1011 Anchorage Lane, Shelter Island. 223-1103.
  • Restrictions: sponsorship of two club members. $1000 initiation fee, yearly dues of $360.
  • Lessons: lessons for children are offered year-round.
  • Boat Rentals: none.
  • Slip Rentals: $1 per foot per month for members; reciprocals honored.
  • Bahia Motor Hotel, 998 W. Mission Bay Drive. 488-0551.
  • Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: none.
  • Boat Rentals: 11-foot sloops. $3 per hour. 16-foot sloops. $7 per hour. Slip rentals: none.
  • American Leisure Craft Inc., 2040 Harbor Island Drive. 295-5900. Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: none.
  • Boat Rentals: rentals range from a 23-foot Aquarius for $36 a half (4-hour)-day to a 38-foot Down Easter for $185 per 8-hour day.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Seaforth Boat Rentals, 1641 Quivira Road. 223-1681.
  • Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: $1.50 for 20 minutes of basic instruction.
  • Boat Rentals: Lido 14's are $6 per hour. Helix I4’s, $7, Helix I6’s. $9. and Victory 2l’s, $9.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Vacation Village Boat Rentals, West Vacation Isle, Mission Bav. 274-4630, ext. 7189.
  • Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: $1 per basic lesson.
  • Boat Rentals: 10-and 14-foot single sails rent for $2-$3.50 per hour.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Jack Dorsee Sailboats/San Diego Sailing Club, 1880 Harbor Island Drive. 291-6313.
  • Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: three two-hour sessions for beginners, $90.
  • Boat Rentals: rentals vary from $7 for a Neptune 16 to $120 per day for an Erickson 32.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Set Sail, 2728 Shelter Island Drive. 224-3791.
  • Restrictions: must have proven sailing ability.
  • Lessons: none.
  • Boat Rentals: all rentals are daylong minimum, boats ranging from 26 to 50 feet. Most boats are intended for weekend, holiday, or week-long cruises. Skippers available for $35 per day.
  • Slip Rentals: none.
  • Dana Marina, 2590 Ingraham. Mission Bay. 225-0440. Restrictions: none.
  • Lessons: none.
  • Boat Rentals: Rowboats, $3.75 per half day, $5.50, full day.
  • Slip Rentals: none.

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