1976 San Diego guide to elegant restaurants

Anthony's, Westgate, Grant GRill, Mr. A's, La Costa

Poshness in restaurants depends on all-over elegance: in the preparation of the food and the attitude of the menu; in the presentation of the food and wine, that is, the service; and in the physical stance of the dining room itself. The quality of the cuisine should, in theory, be of the highest excellence. In truth, the service and decor often overshadow the cuisine. Anyway, for one reason or another, the following are among the poshest dining places in town.

  1. Anthony's Star of the Sea. Harbor Drive and Ash. Reservations necessary. Excellent view, service, food. With wine, entree, and dessert, approximately $18 per person.
  2. Brunch at Westgate Plaza. 1055 2nd Avenue. Omelettes prepared individually. Very fine selection of food, unhurried Old World atmosphere. Approximately $6 per person.
  3. Fontainebleau Room of Westgate Plaza. Food is very good but not spectacular. The room and service are formal, and most people dress accordingly. A la carte menu. Approximately $20 to $25 per person with wine.
  4. Le Pavilion. Overlooking Mission Valley in the Town and Country Hotel, Hotel Circle. French cuisine served tableside. New to our town and still to be proved. In the $20 per person price range.
  5. Lubach's. 210 N. Harbor Drive. Perseveres as one of the best restaurants in San Diego. $20 per person and up.
  6. Grant Grill. 326 Broadway in the U.S. Grant Hotel. First-rate steak, sea food, prime rib. Beautiful service. With wine and dessert. $20.
  7. Tambo de Oro Club. 530 B Street (California First Bank Building). Not as well publicized as some of the others, but worth a try for service and continental cuisine.
  8. Mr. As. 2550 5th. The tourist delight. Food secondary to surroundings and service. Expensive and often uneven.

The following also try hard, but don't quite make it.

  1. Casina Valadier. 4445 La-mont Street. Pacific Beach. Beautiful appointments, china, service. Food not quite haute gourmet. With wine, approximately SI5 per person.
  2. Main Dining Room, La Costa Spa. Pretentious, but does not deliver the goods. Food is good, not outstanding. SI5 per person and up and up and up.
  3. The Restaurant, 4509 Adams, Carlsbad. Self-conscious, self-congratulatory, expensive, but not quite first-rate. Old beach house redecorated.
  4. Mon Ami. 731 South Highway 101, Solana Beach. Prix fixe. SI2.95. add four or five dollars each for wine. Well-intentioned. but limited menu (mostly beef), too many courses, insufficient variety, cheese and ordinary fruit for dessert.

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