1976 San Diego guide to Chicano slang

Chingazos, ese, simon, orale, placa

Al rato. So long; see you later.

Bad Jam. Great song.

Bunk. Anything false.

Carnale. Buddy; friend; partner.

Chavalo. Young guy.

Chingazos (also Cabrongazos). Throwing mean blows; exchanging derogatory remarks.

Cheeva. Heroin.

C/S. Unimpeachable truth.

Ese. Buddy; friend; partner.

El Tepico el Poso. Stick it up your posterior.

59 Park Boys. San Diego version of “Crips." According to their graffiti, they’re “taking over the (Logan) Heights.”

Get Well. Get a fix.

Hasta por el Chiquito. I want you so bad I’ll take you from behind!

Hoe. Female sex; a prostitute.

Holmes. An inquisitive friend.

Homefront. A long-time friend.

Hoto. A blatant homosexual.

It’s On You Tombstone. Giving responsibility to someone who can’t make up his mind.

Jammin’. Leaving quickly.

Laggin'. Ruining a chance at something good.

Mi Pinchegazo. My piece, my gun, my most beloved possession.

Orale. That’s Great!

Osco. Nasty-looking; disgusting.

Placa. Police.

Pull. Score on a woman.

Punk the Alabastard. To withdraw money from a bank; to get a grant; to receive welfare.

Puro Keki. Very easy; no sweat.

Puta. A slut.

Puto. Homosexual male; weakling; coward.

Rip. To have sex.

Ruca. A girlfriend; a fine-looking woman.

Sad Girl. A song by Willie G and the Midniters, adopted by hard Chicanas as a nickname.

Simon. Right on!; true.

Sniff. Inhaling copper, gold, silver spray paint or clear lacquer.

Trim. Good sex.

West Coast Crips. Black, junior version of the Mafia.

What-lt-Is! What’s happening?; How you doin’; Hello.

Where You Comin’ From? What are you talking about? You're K ing!

Writin' a Book? Mind your own business!

Yastuvo. OK. you've proved your point! ( to be said during losing “Chinga/os”).

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