You Were Never Really Here 0.0 stars

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Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a sociopathic veteran who earns cash by tracking down kidnapped girls and butchering their abductors. Sadly, it seems as though everything director Lynne Ramsey has to submit on the horrors of parenting was already covered by her deeply unsettling We Need to Talk About Kevin. Taxi Driver was a variation on The Searchers, so it's pointless to call her out for remaking the standard. And while Gaspar Noe transformed Schrader/Scorsese's hack into a butcher for his I Stand Alone, at least his allegorical reflections brought something new to the table. Ramsey's idea of an allegorical reflection is showing Joe and his mother watching Psycho. Get it? I can tolerate Phoenix in small doses, and then only if Paul Thomas Anderson is administering the shot. This time, the mumbling master of smug self-indulgence dons another layer of Emperor's new duds to favor us with a performance as subtle as a fart in a sardined elevator and twice as odiferous. If I had Trump's money, I would stand outside the theater and pay people not to go inside.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Rated: R

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Given your 0/5 star rating as a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes its fair to say no one should take you seriously. To be honest, I immediay bought this movie following reading your negative review. I' glad I did! It was excellent!

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