Wonder Park in 3D 0.0 stars

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We open on a potentially life-threatening children’s amusement park overseen by a porcupine, a giant blue bear, and various forms of toothy rodentia. For ten minutes, I was along for the ride, right up until the moment little June converted the family home into a disastrous theme park ride. After that, the fantasy universe built by mother and daughter comes crashing to a halt when mom is carted off to the ICU. SPOILER ALERT: It ends with dad asking June to answer the door. On the other side stands the same mother who four reels ago was pretty much hung out to dry. WTF is dad doing inside the house? What kind of husband doesn’t escort his suddenly cancer-free wife home from the hospital? That’s just one of the questions your kids will bounce off your eardrums on the ride home. More observant voices in the back seat might remark, “Did the designer of Candy Crush Saga have a hand in this?”

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Rated: PG

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