The Wackness 1.0 stars

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Summer vacation after high school and before college: a romance blossoms between a teenage dope peddler and his classmate client, and a bond of friendship forms between the former and the latter’s father, a crazy mixed-up psychiatrist. The action is set back in 1994, but that’s no excuse for the colors fading almost to ashes. And while Olivia Thirlby is appealing as the girl, Josh Peck isn’t the most credible friendless virgin, a social pariah despite his superficial attractiveness (in a too-cool-for-school sort of way, sleepy-eyed, slack-jawed, froggy-throated) and despite his flourishing candy store. Ben Kingsley’s strangeness as the psychiatrist is more the strangeness of an actor than of a character, the strangeness of an affected, abstracted manner and a stifled, indefinite accent. With Famke Janssen, Jane Adams, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Method Man; written and directed by Jonathan Levine.

Duncan Shepherd

Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Rated: R


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