The Wedding Guest 4.0 stars

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Through rain, fog, blistering sunlight, and dead of night, cinematographer Giles Nuttgens’ strong-willed, yet delicately lit lens doggedly pursued the inscrutable stranger (Dev Patel) as he journeyed from his British homeland through Pakistan and India. A 20 minute, near dialog-free opening passage presented ample time to observe our traveller before he plucked the bride (Radhika Apte) from her sleep and stows her in the trunk. This is the first evidence I’ve seen of a darker side of Patel. Not only does the script call for the former “Slumdog” to puff away at a pack of butts, this time out the lad is cast as a kidnapper who doubles as a masked home invader turned stone cold killer! Imagine Apte playing Jane Greer opposite Patel’s John Garfield. It’s an odyssey that will climax light years from whence it began, along the way encountering more twists and turns than a whirling dervish in a pleated skirt. Spoiler alert: crime does pay.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 34 minutes

Rated: R

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