The Quake (Skjelvet) 2.0 stars

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It’s been over a hundred years since a major earthquake hit Oslo, but it only took Fantefilm three years to crank out a seismic sequel to their tsunami hit The Wave. Kristoffer Joner returns as the jinxed geologist fond of “alternative theories” who, in this case, is the only egghead in all of Norway to know the precise moment when the next big temblor will hit. A perfectly good disaster film is almost done in by a middling Irwin Allen-esque family-in-crisis subplot. (Daddy misses out on his little girl’s opening night performance at the opera because he’s out trying to alert Sweden to the unceasing horror and whatnot that lies ahead.) The quake doesn’t hit until around the 70 minute mark, but when it does, the devastation doesn’t stop until the filmmakers have imaginatively expended their comparatively runty (by American standards) $60 million budget. This marks cinematographer John Andreas Andersen’s first solo flight behind the camera as director.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 46 minutes

Rated: NR

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