The Oath (Eidurinn) 3.0 stars

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An anti-Taken, though definitely not a Given. Rather, Baltasar Kormákur directs, co-writes, and stars as a surgeon (you know, a person who takes the Hippocratic Oath and vows not to play at God) who sets out to disentangle his beloved daughter (from his previous, failed marriage) from her punky-thuggy-druggy boyfriend. Trouble is, she’s legally an adult, and doesn’t want to be disentangled. So Daddy Doc finds himself compelled to pursue an alternative and more aggressive means of treatment. A common enough setup for a thriller — How far would you go to protect your little girl? — executed with uncommon elegance and emotional restraint. (Physically, it’s a bit more indulgent.) The film’s hot mess of humanity grasps and grapples against the backdrop of a chilly and tasteful world as the old man tries to preserve the lovely thing he’s made, but winds up finding the limit of his gifts. Everyone gets sympathy; no one gets excused.

Matthew Lickona

Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Rated: NR

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