The Mule 4.0 stars

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Ten lean years following a Gold Medal win for his green thumb, and 87-year-old horticulturist Earl (Clint Eastwood) was no longer capable of popping for a round of drinks on the house. If the amount of emotional damage he’d already inflicted on two generations of women were any indication, Earl was always one to put work before family. In need of cash, he finds steady work as a drug mule for a Mexican cartel. Thank God that Clint Eastwood’s not done yet. We follow Earl on a dozen runs and the flow of conflicting yet never-snagging parallel storylines finds storyteller Eastwood at the top of his game. Warner Bros. didn't get behind the film, probably due to Eastwood's personal politics. Did the studio really think that Eastwood, a director known for his objectivity and cool, would be dumb enough to sabotage one of his pictures by following in the spoor of Trump supporters? Eastwood owes the American filmgoing public one thing. His job was to make a great movie again. To that extent, he has not only lived up to his part of the bargain, he’s surpassed it.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 56 minutes

Rated: R

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