The Angel (El Angel) 4.0 stars

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Glamorizing biopic of baby-faced thrill-killer Carlos Robledo Puch (Lorenzo Ferro) whom, after spending more than forty-six years in jail, is the longest-serving prisoner in the history of Argentina. His life in crime began as a “house cat,” a burglar without a gun. You’re heard of a meet cute? Director Luis Ortega hits us with a meet brute: in shop class, an acetylene torch-welding Carlos mockingly singes the hairs on the nape of classmate Ramón’s (Chino Darín) neck. In no time, Carlos is flaunting a broken beak and Ramón and his parents are encouraging our gossamer-curled cherub to mastermind a series of fortuitously executed robberies. "The world belongs to outlaws and artists," observes his partner in crime, Ramón. Carlos qualifies as both. While others say, “Fuck you!” Ferro embodies it. Add to it the kind of smoldering pucker that makes Angelina Jolie’s or Mick Jagger’s kissers look like line drawings. Ferro’s assured debut performance is a calling card one won’t soon forget. One burning question remained: how did the cops not check the piano?

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 59 minutes

Rated: NR

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