Revolver Mind (Mente Revolver) 3.0 stars

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The discovery of a handgun in a Hollywood Boulevard garbage can leads a semi-lucid homeless woman (Bella Merlin) to Tijuana, where she embarks on a semi-lucrative career as a drug mule. After a grocery store shootout brands a security cop (Hoze Meléndez) a hero, the mob hires him as an enforcer. Fresh off a stretch in the pokey, a sadistic drifter (Baltimore Beltran) chooses to set aside his pastime of torturing women just long enough to contemplate life as a political assassin. Three diverse characters circling the drain, gradually drawn together by forces of logic and narrative wizardry; a structural device that when, properly executed, can be an occasion for what Andrew Sarris called “the most discerning worship”. This one comes damn close, until a brace of third act contrivances leaves Revolver broken-hammered. Written and directed by Alejandro Ramirez Corona.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Rated: NR

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