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Not. Before Grace (Samara Weaving) can get on with her honeymoon, the foster child who has just married into a family that made its millions off board games must first engage in a ritualistic game night. At the stroke of midnight, the mansion is put on lockdown and each of the bored gamers is assigned different weapons. Grace is given a two-minute head start, and a “catch her and you kill her” game of hide and seek ensues. This is a campy, deeply misogynistic remake of The Most Dangerous Game, geared for guys who get off watching a hot chick being slowly defiled for 90 minutes. And please, none of this girl-power nonsense; the outcome of the film is not determined by any signs of skill or intuitiveness on our heroine’s part, but by pure dumb, and I do mean dumb, luck. Why The Hunt was pulled from distribution and not this is anybody’s guess. The worst picture of 2019. Nothing comes close.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Rated: R

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That's it, Scotty, when you don't like a movie just name-call it and presto! It's a review!! I'm losing faith in you.

PS: she's NOT hot!!! Not bad, but not hot.

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