The Possession 0.0 stars

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From Abby to The Possession, studios with an "anything for a buck" attitude have spent over 40 years dutifully repackaging The Exorcist. Director Ole Bornedal's (Nightwatch) based-on-factual-events entry in the pea-soup cavalcade of horror tells the tale of a young girl (the simply dreadful Natasha Calis) who purchases a Dybbuk-in-the-box at a neighborhood yard sale. Judaism ensues when her father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) seeks out the services of Hasidic Reggae superstar Matisyahu (The Chabad Telethon) to cleanse the kid. Shouldn't a film about Jewish exorcism be called The Repossession or The Circumcision of Emily Rose? Kyra Sedgewick co-stars as a mother whose sole purpose appears to be getting out the message that America needs to eat healthy. After all her years on television, Ms. Sedgwick must have felt right at home playing a character assigned only one trait. Unintentional laughter should effectively undercut any jolts this PG-13 clunker tries to convey.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 31 minutes

Rated: PG-13

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