Nymphomaniac: Volume I 4.0 stars

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First came Antichrist, then Melancholia, and now Lars von Trier caps his so-called ‘Trilogy of Depression’ with the funniest movie of his career. Stellan Skarsgård stars as a book-learned hermit who hits the jackpot upon discovering a battered and bloodied sex addict (Charlotte Gainsbourg) — one who is eager to recount her multitudinous carnal encounters in vividly lurid detail — half-unconscious in the alley next to his house. “Love is lust with jealousy added,” reasons von Trier habitué Skarsgård in what amounts to an ingenious reversal on the emasculated oil driller he originated in the director’s breakthrough picture, Breaking the Waves. Not all of the episodes pan out — the sex tape Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend allegedly submitted as an audition reel probably coaxed a more cogent performance. Volume 1 of LVT’s absurdist vision peaks with Uma Thurman taking her kids on an over-the top tour of “the children’s father’s” cuckold bedroom. In Part 2, the sex and … (to be continued).

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Rated: NR

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