Miracle on 34th Street 0.0 stars

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Needless remake of one of Hollywood's abiding contributions to Yuletide sentiment. No new angle: no ambiguity, for example, as to the identity of the self-proclaimed Kris Kringle; no diminution of his powers in a Godless era. Only a change of company name (but not of address) from Macy's to the fictitious Cole's; and a false insinuation of pedophilia; and instead of the U.S. Post Office to the rescue, the U.S. Treasury (less dramatically). Warmly human performances by Richard Attenborough, Dylan McDermott, and Elizabeth Perkins, but not by Mara Wilson (more formally known as Mrs. Doubtfire's Mara Wilson) as the too-smart tot. Screenplay by George Seaton (1911-1979) and John Hughes; directed by Les Mayfield.

Duncan Shepherd

Length: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Rated: NR


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