Meek's Cutoff 2.0 stars

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A brooding Western, gaunt as a desert bone, made by Kelly Reichardt with writer Jonathan Raymond and her favorite star, Michelle Williams. As a bonnet-topped gal rich in grit, Williams challenges the dazed males (Will Patton, Paul Dano, Bruce Greenwood) whose little wagon train is lost in 19th-century Oregon. Taciturn austerity suggests not stoical endurance but imminent death. The main dramatic drive is the yen of the boorishly macho guide (Greenwood) to kill a weary, aging Indian (Rod Rondeaux, who looks like he’d prefer the Donner Party). Echoes of Greed and The New Land don’t rescue this moody, minimalist mutt.

David Elliott

Length: 1 hour, 44 minutes

Rated: PG


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