In Bruges 0.0 stars

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Writer-director Martin McDonagh, in his feature debut, dispatches two British hit men to lie low, after a job with messy collateral damage, in the “fairy-tale” Medieval town near the coast of Belgium, where one of them (the tousled Brendan Gleeson) is interested in seeing the sights while the other (the tight-wire Colin Farrell) sizes the place up as a “shithole,” excepting only a Bosch museum piece. Together they engage in forced, overwritten, exhibitionistic comic dialogue at some variance with the guilty conscience and the thoughts of suicide. Ralph Fiennes, attempting to do (if not outdo) Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast, comes into it late as a hot-tempered, high-principled crime boss. A little later, bullets fly, blood flows. The beauties of the town survive all this, and even the wan photography.

Duncan Shepherd

Length: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Rated: R


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