Hope Gap 3.0 stars

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The title serves double-duty: a cove tucked under the cliffs of Seaford that bookends the action and that indelicate emotional space between exceedingly erudite lovers who have experienced their last gasp of romance. Grace (Annette Bening) is surprised to learn their son Jamie (Josh O’Connor) didn’t call his mother to announce his upcoming weekend visit. He didn’t have to, seeing how it was dad (Bill Nighy) who extended the invite hoping that the boy might stay a little longer to play intermediary in case Grace didn’t respond well to the news their 29-year marriage was dissolved and that her husband had decided to play house with another woman. (His greatest mistake was a passive inability to stand up for himself.) She’s not going down easy — it’s a clause written into every one of the actresses’ contracts, but seldom with Grace’s ferocity. “What will he do if I say no?’’ Grace asks the divorce lawyer representing her husband. Let the stalking begin in this tense romantic drama that showcases both its leads in top form.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 41 minutes

Rated: PG-13

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