Gloria Bell 1.0 stars

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Three features and five years after Sebastián Lelio’s Gloria cracked the international film scene, the Chilean director seems to be out of ideas, as evidenced by this American-speaking remake for gringos too lazy to grapple with subtitles. It’s set in contemporary Los Angeles, but when was the last time you stumbled into a chic discotheque populated by middle agers dressed to the nines? And do people still play paintball? In my review of Gloria, I praised star Paulina García for her portrait of a character who spends every moment of the day evoking her right to live. But her American counterpart, Julianne Moore, is called upon to deliver little more than a lovably unvarying nerd. Leilo claims to have made the movie as a showcase for Moore, and that it is. Next time, he should consider the audience, and instead of tracing past glories —or should I say Glorias — try mounting something original.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 42 minutes

Rated: R

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