Fright Night 1.0 stars

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Who's going to believe you when a vampire moves in next door? Moreover, who's going to know what to do about it? Who more likely than the host of a horror-film series on local TV and former star of horror films himself? The latter (Roddy McDowall) naturally deplores the current horror fashion for "demented madmen running around in ski masks hacking up young virgins," and he at first balks at the tale told to him by the teenage hero. Tom Holland, the writer and director, strives here to bridge the gap between the two, but he would have done better to cut loose the young hero, along with his donkey-braying pal and a girlfriend who just happens to look like someone the vampire knew "a long time ago." Chris Sarandon, though too smug, looks good as the vampire; and the final combat, though too drawn-out, has some nice touches.

Duncan Shepherd

Length: 1 hour, 46 minutes

Rated: R

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