Avengers: Endgame 2.0 stars

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A triumph of sorts. Not of acting: with some notable exceptions — a beer-bellied, tragicomic Chris Hemsworth as Thor among them — a feeling of exhaustion has crept in with a number of the principals over the 10 or so years since Iron Man set this gargantuan, quippy super-opera in motion. Nor of dialogue: not even Don Cheadle can deliver a line like “We are all about that superhero life,” and the little speeches tend to fall flat, to the point where the film gets self-conscious about them. Nor of direction: for the first hour or so, the Russo brothers rely heavily on your good will toward the superfolk who remain in the wake of “blue meanie” Thanos’ halving of the universe’s population, and the relentless stream of fan service in the two hours that follow may leave even the truest believer feeling milked. But a triumph of feeling: of itches scratched, of sorrows and angers eased, even of longings fulfilled. A triumph of theme: the team’s [SPOILER ALERT?] time-travel gambit hammers home the Why We Fight virtues of home and hearth, of Mom and Dad and the kids. And above all, a triumph of plotting: thread after narrative thread tied off in neat and sometimes unexpected (and unexpectedly satisfying) fashion. The MCU will go on and on, but this chapter — and the American pragmatism vs. American ideals bromance that drove it — have well and truly come to their “Excelsior! Nuff said!” moment. 2019.

Matthew Lickona

Length: 3 hours, 1 minute

Rated: PG-13

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After watching the premiere tonight, this movie is the best one I have ever seen. The laughter is on another level with some serious cry because we are in the endgame now, it is expected. The way they have assembled all the 21 movies in 1 epic 3 hour screenplay is completely mind blowing and astonishing. The Russo brothers are pure epitome of perfection to showcase MCU at its best. Thank you MARVEL STUDIOS and STAN LEE for giving us such epicness. Some might not like it, might not remember about it but not us - is what I will tell myself even after 10 more years.

Xkendric Thenetline

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