Action Point 0.0 stars

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The scuzzy but lovable owner of a ramshackle amusement park (Johnny Knoxville), hoping to compete with a newly built corporate theme park, decides to make the threat of physical danger his venue’s biggest attraction. The verdict is in: Knoxville’s first attempt at folding Jackass-style tomfoolery into a narrative structure finds neither script nor stunts up for the challenge. (A character puking while pinned against the wall of a rotor in mid-spin is about as good as it gets.) Knoxville’s biggest acting challenge — holding a beer can at just the right angle so that at any given moment the audience has an unobstructed, eye-level shot of the Schlitz logo — results in one of the most flagrant overuses of product placement in cinema history. A pathos-laden father/daughter subplot might have been tolerable if what surrounded it was even remotely amusing. With: Eleanor Worthington-Cox as the daughter and, in various states of undress, Chris Pontius.

Scott Marks

Length: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Rated: R

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