Musicians who play fiddle.

Musician Band
Adam Immortal Maggot C*nt, Homeless Sexuals, Hot Like a Robot, Squiddo, Secret Apollo, Pushin Rope
Alicia Previn Folding Mr. Lincoln, Alicia Previn
Anna Zinova Di Nigunim, Taken by Canadians
Anna Levitt Crooked, River City, Tin Can Country Club
Avery Ellisman Prairie Sky
Batya MacAdam-Somer Crooked, G Burns Jug Band
Bridget Regan Flogging Molly
Charlie Whitten Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas
Chris Shades Rumblers
Clinton Davis Clinton Davis, G Burns Jug Band
Dan Vazquez Skid Roper & the Whirlin’ Spurs
Dan Sankey MohaviSoul, Moves
David Abbott O.D. Corral
Dennis Caplinger Kim Evans, Death Valley Pizza, Gari Geiselman, Bluegrass Etc.
Derric Oliver Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective
Ed Kunold Emerald River, Cory Wilkins, United Country
Floyd Fronius Raggle Taggle, Ass Pocket Whiskey Fellas
Gabe Witcher Punch Brothers
Gary Cooper O.D. Corral
Healy Henderson San Diego Baroque Soloists, OrganPlus
Heather Vorwreck Everybody Violet, Ypsitucky
Jamie Shadowlight Jamie Shadowlight, Western Collective
Jay Allen Sanford $50 Orchestra
Jeff Garvey Hey Wire
Jim Allen CoastRiders
John Diabolical Slaughter, Sentient Manifesto, Bluegrass Ramblers, Sight Unscene
John Mailander Plow, Tail Draggers
John-Michael Brooks Shawn Rohlf & the Buskers
Karen Croot More the Merrier, Old Twine String Band
Kellyn Flight Path
Kevin Gary Off the Wagon, FreeMartin
Kim Donaldson Lacemakers
Kimberly Conley Sweet Tidings Gospel Band
Kornflower Kornflower
Louis Caverly Holiday & the Adventure Pop Collective
Marty Schwartz Off the Wagon
Mary Oliver Mary Oliver
Melissa Harley Carolann Ames, 7th Day Buskers
"Miss" Patric Petrie Blokes
Patric Petrie Skelpin, Patric Petrie, Brogue Wave
Paul Castellanos Clay Colton, Highland Way, Sheela-na-Gig, Raggle Taggle
Paul Doc Castellano Blokes
Rhy Thornton Bleeding Irish
Sam Kemiji Vulcan Mountain Boys
Sara Watkins Nickel Creek, Sara Watkins, Watkins Family Hour
Scott Johnson Fooks
Ted Stern City Limits Band, Dwight Lightning, Country Rockin’ Rebels
Tim Gathman High Mountain Road
Tom Cunningham Jackstraws, Lighthouse, Tom Cunningham Band
Tom Dillon Louisiana Mojo Dawg Band, Barbwire


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