Musicians who play electronics.

Musician Band
1019 "AKA" the Numberman 10 19 The Numberman, Parker & the Numberman
Aaron Blomberg Shark Attack, Farrows, Tiny Telephones
Acnom Acnom
Alejandro Arredondo Coastral
Amanda Schoepflin Cathedral X
Amaro Ray Sideways Heart, Cross Moon Supercult
Andy Tolley Alpha Channel, Multiplex
Andy Robinson Andy Robinson, Tinkersmith
Ant Ant
Ariel Iribe II Beware We Are the Werewolves of Belial
Ariel Iribe Monochromacy
Aspect Deletion Aspect Deletion
Austin Ceasar Range Rover
Bianca Pettis Beatrix*JAR
Bill Wesley Array Orchestra, Bill Wesley
Bobby Bray Holy Molar, Locust, Bobby Bray, Innerds, League of Assholes, INUS
Brandon Welchez Prayers (defunct), Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Crocodiles
Brian Ivan Monochromacy
Bruce McKenzie Buzz or Howl, Beggars, Maquiladora
Captain Ace Captain Ace
Cara Mia Earnest Rapture
Carrie Gillespie Feller Hours, Ilya, Hexa, Street of Little Girls, Pleasure Model
Chad Carver Surly Bonds
Charles Rowland Some Girls, Vultures, Prayers (defunct), Crocodiles
Chris Prescott Fishwife, No Knife, Montalban Quintet, Pinback, Jade Shader, Systems Officer
Chris Reynolds Red Flag
Clayton Colgin Eris Sisters, Men of Clay, Dogs With Masks
Clif Rollins Eye of the Hawk
Clifford M. Jomuad Clifford
Convulsic Convulsic
Corey Johnston Awfulmoth
Craig Vermeyen Honest Iago
D Minor Dub Grammer
Dallas McLaughlin Bad Credit
Damon Holzborn Quibble
Dan Harumi Room E
Dan Rabb Chill Clinton
Danish Plato Danish Plato
Dante Fire Dante Fire
Dave Warshaw Tarantula Hawk, Locust
Dave Mead Mañanaland, Cuckoo Chaos, Chairs Missing, Deadphones, Exasperation, Ditches
Dave Parley Prayers
David Peña Illuminauts
David Lampley Skrapez, Kilowattz, Psychopop, Angels Dust
David Poole Goldfish
David Hurtt Stalins of Sound
David Lopez de Arenosa DLA
David D. Automater Wolves Of Eden
Davit Buck Subterranean Horses, Homeless Sexuals, John Wayne Gacy Daycare, Zillion Happy Volts
DeeJay Collagey Parker & the Numberman


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