Musicians who play banjo.

Musician Band
7.K SouthuNoyz, Punch Brothers
Aaron Bowen Aaron Bowen
Aaron de la Rosa Science Fiction Jazz, Quel Bordel
Aaron DeLa Rosa Grand Million Gang
Adam Gnade Adam Gnade
AJ Belluto Lexington Field
Alison Brown Alison Brown
Andrew Armerding River City, Hills Like Elephants, Tin Can Country Club, Champ
Bob Schmidt Flogging Molly
Bob Shane Kingston Trio
Brandon Cerquedo Preservationists
Brandon Boggs Bogsey and the Argonauts, Sledding with Tigers
Brent Gutzwiller Black Belt Jones Band, Pushin Rope
Bret Henning Henning Taylor Project
Chad Taggart Chad Taggart
Chris Clarke Plow, Zapf Dingbats, Cathryn Beeks, Chris Clarke, Chris Clarke and Dane Terry
Chris Adkins High Mountain Road
Clinton Davis Clinton Davis, G Burns Jug Band
Daniel Kiranos Amigo the Devil
Dave King Flogging Molly
Dave Lowenstein Shoestring Strap, Mudgrass
Dave Guard Kingston Trio
David Maldonado Skelpin, David Maldonado
David Bandrowski Plow, Zapf Dingbats, David Bandrowski, Euphoria Brass Band
Dennis Caplinger Kim Evans, Death Valley Pizza, Gari Geiselman, Bluegrass Etc.
Don Hergert Sweet Tidings Gospel Band
Ed Kunold Emerald River, Cory Wilkins, United Country
Fast Heart Mart Western Collective, Fast Heart Mart
Gayle Skidmore Gayle Skidmore
Gene Conley Sweet Tidings Gospel Band
Geoff Stelling San Diego Grass and Eclectic
Howie "Wicked Fingers" Nielson Uptown Rhythm Makers
Howie Nielson Paragon Jazz Band, Bayside Dixie Stompers
Jason Kyle Van Band , Nuclear Tomorrow, Bluegrass Ramblers, Faith Faward, Vanity Affair, Kenseth, Brandon & Jason
Jason Weiss Tail Draggers, BanjoSlim and the SaltyDogs, MohaviSoul, Big Decisions
Jay Smart Jesse Daniel Edwards
Jeff Sapphire Jam
Jesse Orlando Chugboat
Jim Goodwin Dixie Express Jazz Band, Paragon Jazz Band
Jim Bleyer Country Rockin’ Rebels
JoAnn Kopany Hey Wire
JoAnn Koppany Old Twine String Band
Jon Kruger River City
Jon Swift Jon Swift
Jon Ford Lexington Field
Jon-o Satan Dance Party
J.T. Moring Gemini Junction
Justin Buchanan Silent Comedy
Kelly Lagor Kalashnikov My Wife
Kevin Gore Tom Cunningham Band


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